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On this page I'll share information I've gained from experience with my own pets.

Tip 1: Daschunds go by their own rules.

You can get them to conform to your rules through a bribe.  Liver biscotti and other liver treats work well.  Fair warning you may have to work on "leave the fingers attached to my hand" with treats.

Tip 2: Hire a GOOD trainer

A good dog trainer will not only train the dogs but trains you as well.  A good one knows you don't have to yank a dog around to get them to conform.  They are worth their weight in gold.  However... no matter how hard they work with your dogs if you don't keep the training going when they aren't there then you might as well put your money in the trash.  You have to practice, work, not yell (no matter how tempting it is), no hitting, and keep doing the commands over and over and over again until you're cross-eyed.

3.  Dogs and Rugs

Never have light colored rugs if you have 3 intact females.  Or if you do, have a very good rug cleaner.

I'll update this page frequently so check back often!

The Past & The Present is what keeps us going.