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We have "the wolves" aka German Shepherds, a Tibetan Terrier (who escaped from a circus) and a Standard Daschund who believes she is bigger than the Shepherds.

Oldest and smallest is Dixie the Doxie (Daschund)

Dixie lives under afghans, pillows, covers, furniture.  She firmly believes that she rules the roost.  Bad doxie behavior earns her Doggy Jail Time.  If the Shepherds are running she thinks they should stop running and will 'scream' at them or try to grab their feet.  My sister got her from a friend whose dog had brought her home covered in ticks, fleas and extremely underweight.  Then Dixie came to live with our Mother.  Now she belongs to me since our Mother died in 2006.
So far she has 1 dead snake and 2 dead mice to her credit.  She's the Killer in the herd.


Pepe Le Peu

Pepe Le Peu (The Small) escaped from Ohio to come live in Texas.  He's a Tibetan Terrier.  He weights 26 pounds and personally I think he has tempered springs instead of bones in his legs. 
He adores the Shepherds and considers them his squeaky toys.  Phoebe and Pepe play snick snick for hours.  Snick snick is where 2 or more dogs try to see whose mouth is the biggest.  Pepe can put Phoebe's lower jaw in his mouth, Phoebe can put all of Pepe's head in her mouth.
Pepe knows how to jump through a hula hoop.  He does sit quite well.  He's learning Down, Bow, and a few other things.


The Past & The Present is what keeps us going.