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These are The Wolves... otherwise known as German Shepherds.  Both girls are totally different in looks and deeds.

Veronica Nicole alias Ronnie is 2 months older than Phoebe.  She is darker, lean, fast and sometimes entirely too smart for my own good.  Both were aquired in December of 2005.  Ronnie was 8 months old and had no training of any kind.  She freaked when a collar and leash were put on her.  Now she freaks if you take her collar off.
She had got a fantastic gait and is beautiful to watch.  One ear tends to bounce up and down when she paces or runs.  Pheobe used her ear as a security blanket.  Ronnie loves to ride in the DUV (Dog Utility Vehicle).

For liver treats she'll pop each command (except recall and we're working on that one) like a champion.  Sit, Down, Stay, Heel... she's perfect.  She even learned not to fence fight.  Of course that was mostly due to being sprayed with the hose.  But hey, it didn't hurt her and she learned.


Prissy V - what a name for a German Shepherd!  Her call name is Phoebe and she's two months younger than Ronnie.  She was six months old when I got her and Ronnie (at the same time).  She's the beauty queen of the two Shepherds.  Sometimes I refer to her as my blonde child.  She went sailing off the back porch three times chasing a squirrel before she figured out that when the wood stops the dog stops.  She carries my firewood off to chew on it.
Sometimes it takes her a while to learn a command but once she learns it, then it's with her forever.  She does a beautiful Sit, Down, Stay and Recall.   Sometimes she's a little too intense.  She loves the Daschund and Pepe.  Dixie tolerates her, I think she feels sorry for Phoebe 'cause Phoebe isn't as smart as the others.  Phoebe has a very bad habit of breaking out of her crate.  We're working on that.
She loves for people to throw a ball or toy until their arm falls off.  You have to quit before she falls out.

Here's a picture of Pheebs.


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